Who thought Surfing in Canada would be possible?

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

To be really honest when I first heard about surfing in the Halifax area I was shocked that they actually had this event in Canada. I didn’t know that this was a searched out location for Surfers around the world.

As we pulled up to the location I was shocked to see the size of the waves. Excitement and worry ran through my body as we started to prepare and get ready to learn to surf for the first time. Our family was greeted with warm smiles and excitement from the East Coast Surf School staff, they were beyond excited to teach us the fundamentals of surfing.

Equipment was well cared for and the support on how to put on the “wetsuits” was great (even though I put mine on backwards). The staff (teachers) were incredible with my girls (both 12 years of age) getting them down on their bellies to learn to swim and get into the right position to handle a wave. They were super polite and CRAZY helpful for all steps.

They took such good care of my family and kids, after 20-30 min of on land lessons we took to the water and learned how to hit the waves! It was a true experience and we would highly suggest it.

My girls say it was the highlight of our trip to Nova Scotia and we would truly suggest that you try this adventure with your family, I guarantee you that you will love it, your kids will love it and enjoy the adventure.

Nova Scotia is a beautiful location to visit with so many wonderful activities for families. We suggest you take the time and visit this AMAZING province and see the world they offer

Contact: East Coast Surf School Halifax Canada



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