What is Travelling.FlipFlops All about?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Many people have asked why I started Travelling.flipflops and why we focus on family travel. I figured for this blog, I would focus on what to look forward from Travelling.flipflops in the coming months. Whenever my wife and I start to talk about our travel plans I get goosebumps because I love to be out and about, I love to hit the road and leave the world of the Monday to Friday grind behind. It is important to mention that my beautiful wife runs a home Day Care and we all know how grueling and tiresome that can be on the body and mind.

In 2012 we took out first “international” trip to Florida where we visited Disney and the surroundings making endless memories still thought about today. When we spoke about taking a trip to Disney we immediately went online and started to search “visit Disney” and ordered the “visit Disney DVD” when it arrived we asked a 5 and 6-year-old “ should we visit Disney” .. UM YESS they screamed. From that moment we started our search.

“ should we visit Disney”

After hours upon hours of research we finally found the hotel. All this time I wished it was easier to find a Kids Friendly hotel. Finally the day came to travel and booed into our hotel, started getting ready to explore Orlando and Disney world to meet all the characters and ride all the adventures before us. Trip was amazing but the fondest memory was on the last day in Disney, as the fireworks were going off my 2 girls in my arms both kissed me on my cheek. Here I was a grown man in the middle of Disney world choking up his tears as he looked at his 2 beautiful princess’s, and how blessed he is to have them.

Fast forward a couple of trips later, our family is in Jamaica getting ready for dinner. I am in the bathroom shaving my face minding my own business when my oldest daughter comes in to brush her teeth, as she looks at me she starts to laugh, After composing herself, she then proceeds to imitate the face I make to shave, and we both start to laugh and as strange as it is its one of my favorite memories. .

I share these stories because they are the inspiration behind Travelling.flipflops. I made memories and had fun laughs with my kids that were not all about money or adventure, they happened to be in the moment memories. I follow some AMAZING bloggers (Vacation Couple @Vacation_couple and many more) and found that most focused on travel but not specific with family. The more I thought about it, the more it inspired me to bring awareness to others that Family travel can be worrisome – stressful – crazy – expensive BUT it will build the funniest and forever lasting memories!

Parents seem to be separated from kids and their spouse, and in a world where we have become dependant on social media and locked to devices. As I thought about it I figures “why not use the social media they are looking at, and that device already glued to, to inspire them to spend time with their kids and family. In all honesty If Travelling.flipflops can help one father connect with their daughter, or mom with their son that we have done what we wanted to accomplish.

We truly want to change the perspective that parents have about travel, and want help them find the way they can travel as a family. One night or travel the world we want them to experience the Joys that follow. I love when we are away and I see a family playing in the water and getting good laughs. We are excited to see where we go next and see what families we can encourage to take the plunge

What is next

Currently we are researching our next destination and looking to build relationships with resorts to visit and review while we are away. At the same time we are reaching out to our followers to help with reviews of resorts they have visited to expand our followers searched. We will be intruding v-logs where we will be interviewing families on their travels and have them also inspire our followers. We will also be reaching out to children groups and ones that specifically focus on kids and will be asking for their support with articles and travel tips to ensure that once a family does decide to travel they feel confident and have the resources needed.

And finally, we are connecting with Travel agents to have them partner with us to help provide content to assist in any way they can.

We are excited to see this grow and we appreciate all your kindness and ALL the support you have already shown.

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