Tips for engaging customers during covid19.

2020 Has brought a demand for all companies, small, medium or large, it has changed how we can interact with our clients, partners or customers. 

Having multiple conversations with my clients I see that many brands are finding it hard and struggling to stay relevant, active and in touch with your customers. 

To help, I found some creative strategies to connect during this time. 

1. Go live on Instagram

Go live on Instagram to answer questions and help customers who may be concerned about the impact of the Corona virus, highlight new products, do tours of your store to share the flow of “how to walk around our store”. Trust me, I get confused with all the arrows on the ground. Have fun with these videos. 

2. Increase the quality of loyalty program points

Show your clients you’re just as loyal to them as they are to you, specifically in this critical time. Increase the benefit of their loyalty program points or make redemption options cheaper. Our family lives on loyalty programs and offering bonus offers helps us choose them first.

3. Over-communicate!

Your clients are your company and your heart line. This is not the moment to go mute. Let them know how you’re responding to the Corona virus and how you have reopened, or has changed about how you’re conducting business, and what health precautions you’re taking. Ask them how you can support them during this time and let them know how they can support your brand. 

Meet them where they are with updates to your homepage, getting active on your social media, being heard on Radio or seen on TV. Find where they are and connect with them.

4. Try a percentage giveback with purchase

If you’re financially able, consider giving a percentage of each purchase to an organization working to combat COVID-19. This allows consumers to support the brands they love while also supporting those working to ease the impact of the Corona virus.

Let us know your thoughts on these ideas and if you have anymore you want to share.


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