St. Thomas BEST family idea!

St. Thomas Cycle Boat Tours St Thomas USVI February 2020

Visiting St. Thomas has been on our bucket list for some time now and we were excited to have the chance to do it when it was a port stop on our Cruise. When looking for a family outing, we discovered the St Thomas Cycle Boat tours. This idea looked like so much fun, peddling your self out on a boat to the Honeymoon Beach (labeled as one top 10 beaches in the USA)


We arrived to a great greeting from “Sweet” Anne Marie (the Capitan) and her incredible mate Valy. We were greeted by fun music, large smiles and excitement for the journey we are about to take. As we boarded we were provided the safety instructions and life saving tips (this is done as part of USA marine services and we knew we were in good hands). Music turned up and the fun began as we began to pedal our way for 30 min to our beach!


Offered to adults was a home-made rum punch (Valys design) AND It was amazing. Our girls were provided the punch with no rum. You were told to never have your cup on empty so we listened and enjoyed the drinks as they came (2-3 each)


As we arrived at the stunning Honeymoon island Anne Marie advised us where to eat and where to enjoy the sun. She also advised us where to snorkel to see the sea turtles. We had 3 hours on the island, and the island was full of life. We snorkeled for 45min to an hour and had the chance to see many fish, a sunken sail boat and the best was swimming beside wild sea turtles. This was the #1 thing my girls wanted to see and they were not disappointed. See our video on our website for more.

Kids Fun.

100% the kids loved it, they loved the boat, the fun of the pedaling, the views and the ocean. They both said they would love to try it again (this is a good sign form kids) We would defiantly do this again if we return to St. Thomas.

Over all thoughts.

Such fun, and a completely different experience. The boat was fun the staff treated us incredible, the kids loved it and have talked about this excursion since we returned. Seeing Honeymoon island was on my bucket list and so was swimming with sea turtles. We would 100% recommend this excursion. As it was from 12:30 – 4pm it provided us more then enough time at the beach and more then enough time shopping on the island. Give them a call and book the best time on St. Thomas island.

Visit them to book, TURST Us your family will LOVE IT

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