Miami South Beach Hotel

1 Night accommodation in a 1 Bedroom with pull out

We booked our first cruise; we were super charged up about being able to port out of Miami and knew the second we booked that we need to be there a day early and find a hotel (lower in cost) but near Miami beach. I literally spent hours researching the right hotel and even harder the right hotel for the right price. Then BAM! This hotel came to my attention, called and booked it for less than $300.00 Canadian (75-100 less than every other hotel in the expanse.

We booked the 1 bedroom with pull out couch thinking the kids will be good for the night on a pullout, knowing it was on the south beach and offered its own private part of the beach, located just off Lincoln Rd and Collins Ave offered so much for us to get along.

Check in

Went smooth and even when we arrived 2 hours early the stored our bags for free in a safe room.

The client services were perfect and we were taken care of.

Hotel Room

Large and was surprised at its size, they admitted a full kitchen, not that we used it but it had everything we needed. The bathroom was spacious the beds were comfy (including the pull out) and the place was super fresh. The building seemed a little on the old side, but it's on the beach so it's probably natural wear and tear.


Low temperature and small but was still great to look at and dip your feet into.


So much in the area to do, incredible food options, walking 5 min from everything (sand + shops + food + walking trails and more)


To be honest, it was hard to communicating with them (at the hotel) as they were very Spanish and spoke in fractured English, we ordered a second set of sheets and she came with a towel and did not know what we were asking until we used google translate. But they were so kind and sweet.

100% heading to Miami breach for a cruise or a weekend I would reboot with this hotel, and would advise anyone to book it!


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Contact: +1 305-531-0321

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