It is good for you child education to travel!

Just the news we wanted to hear about!

Actual evidence that is good for your child to vacation while in school and has a great impact on their learning and understanding: Kids who travel with their parents do better in school! According to a recent study by the Student and Youth Travel Association (SYTA), 56% of teachers believe that travel as a very positive impact and students’ education and career. 79% of educators consider it a priority to increase the cultural awareness of students.

For the study, SYTA sponsored a survey of 1,500 educators across the U.S. Furthermore, 80% of the teachers in the study said that travel is an “extremely effective” teaching recourse compared to computer-based learning alone.

It seems obvious for travelers but traveling does help children do better in school and help them grow as global citizens with a better understanding of the world around them.

Apart from doing better in school, consider some other benefits:

· Increase cultural awareness by seeing how others live and do life

· New perspectives on history and geography, as they see other countries they experience their history and see what they have seen change

· Hands-on learning while on soil of this country and have time to connect with locals, and

· Time with the family, this is our favorite as it builds and strengthens our relationship.

Our girls are grade 8 and 9, we do care about their education but also have encouraged them to learn while away with new experience and meeting new people.

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