Great experience swimming with Dolphins

Tt is hard to give them a 5/5 when I should for the dolphins experience. It was truly amazing the 30 min you receive with your dolphin, our group had 8 people in it and we all had one on one attention with the dolphin.

We did the Explorer Package and got more than we expected and were surprised at how much fun it really was for $150 a person) , we received on belly swim, on back swim, hand shake, dolphin jumped over us, we pet it and got to dance with her. Our trainer was amazing our Dolphins name was Ziba and she was really beautiful.

Than why the 2/5 for the experience. You are not aloud to take a camera so you cant take your own photos which I understand ... BUT they highway ROB you with the cost for pictures. they were asking $280.00 for 140 pictures that 32 of them are out of focus and completely burly ( see example below) we already paid $700.00 to do the excursion then another $336.00 (after conversion) for pictures. As a father of 2 little girls I had no option but to pay.. Its very frustrating when companies do this to you, and it ultimately ruined my day because it through me off and financially crippled me for the rest of our vacation. So please beware...

I sincerely hope my review is helpful, my advice would be to go expecting to Pay outrageous prices for photos or get no photos ( they charge $40/ individual photo so they strong arm you into purchasing the full package)

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