Flying with Kids during COVID-19

Who else already dreads flying with kids, even before COVID-19 became a reality? Worrying about them crying, not settling down or kicking the person's chair in front of them, and now add in an airborne pandemic and your job as a parent can feel insurmountable.

First let us say these are only suggestions and would only suggest you fly is you absolutely need to.

We have this to help reduce the spread and reduce the stress if you travel; we hope you enjoy it.

Don’t rush to the airport

Did you know that a recent study showed it was safer to be in the belly of a plane than at the grocery store?

In order to reduce your risk, try to arrive as close as you can to the last check in time, this way you can keep it to a minimal amount of interaction with people. Also, doing so makes it more of a rush, preventing your children from “exploring” or climbing on anything as they get bored. Keep your kids close and try not to let them touch anything.

Use the bathroom, but not in the airport!

AT ALL COST - avoid the bathroom at the airport. Bathrooms see heavy traffic. Try the best you can to hold it and if not possible, wait to use the bathroom on the airplane. Two important reasons why airplane bathrooms are safer: airplane as they have power air conditioning with top-notch filtration.

Also, it is known that people use a plane bathroom rather than the airport bathroom, reducing your chances of interacting or sharing air with an infected person.

Get your kids comfortable wearing masks

By now we have all seen a video of some person being removed from a flight for going mask fewer, let's ensure it's not you or you kids. As much as they may not like masks, they should be used to them by now. If they are not, then get them use to having one on your face and ensure to take the time to order the proper one. Also have them try on different ones as they may like over the ears than behind the ears.

Make things easier by getting a mask that features a character they love. Your child may not want to wear a plain mask but they might LOVE to transform into Spider-man or Elsa wearing a themed mask.

Disinfect your area

Younger or older children will touch (lick) anything possible, no matter what you do you can't stop them. Before you settle in, take the time wiping down your child’s armrests, table, air blower, tray seat and make sure you do it as thoroughly as possible.

Explain the importance

Your children may have flown before, but it is important to discuss how things will go before they get there. Yes, they have to wear their mask the whole time. No, they can’t run around the airport. When boarding, they have to wait for you to clean their area before going to their seat. By letting them know the plan ahead of time, they will have a smoother experience at the moment.

Bring your own food (BYOF)

Airplanes operating with limited or no food services come with predetermined snacks and ensure to have multiple options for your kids. If you need to purchase water, do so from the airport, but wipe it down to make it clean.

Travel can be worrisome and bring lots of anxiety, but if you go into expecting this is going to be a little different, you can make this an entertaining time for the kids.

Please let us know how it went and provide us feedback

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