Cozumel Island GRAND STYLE!

Such a great time with VIP Tours
Such a great time with VIP Tours

In January 2019 Jeff and Amber had the great privilege of skipping out of the cold and head on a cruse to the warm south. One of the islands they went to was Cozumel Island in Mexico ( if you have not been then you need to, many incredible excursions offered.

Jeff and Amber were guest of a tour company called VIP tours @viptoursczm or www.viptoursczm. Here are their responses to the questions we had asked .

Tell us about the booking experience:

It was very simple to organize, we had faced some bad weather the day of the arrival and staff communicated with us about these possible issues and were incredible and easy to communicate.

The conversation back and forth was easy and pleasant, our guide Pablo was incredible he took great care of us and ensured we kept a smile on our faces and always had a water in hand waiting for us before we drove away. We did download a chat app and were able to connect with our host at VIP tours easily as it created a simple conversation between us, but his English was great, and he understood all our questions.

Was it simple and easy to do:

Very simple, they kept in constant communication with us prior to our meeting day! We knew exactly where to meet them as we walked off the cruise ship, and every time we did an excursion we knew exactly where to meet them.

Pick up and cleanliness :

It was easy to find our driver (Pablo) he was very friendly and ready for us. His vehicle was very clean and smelled fresh. We were worried going for a “private tour” but the second we connected we knew we made the right choice and felt safe and secure for the entire trip. The vehicle was in great condition. We would not hesitate at all to recommend any one use VIP Tours.

Tours/ Restaurants: What Excursion did you do?

We went snorkelling and to a private beach, we did not get the full experience of the catamaran as the port was closed due to high winds ( we were notified and offered the chance to cancel 48 hours prior to arrival)

But the Pool and beach was amazing. Food was fresh and full of flavor, the staff here knew how to handle us guest 😊. We also explored the island and Pablo educated us on some of the vast history of the island. We were offered to see the Myan Ruins but decided not to as we just wanted to see the island and relax at a beach.

How was the food and services they provided?

Our driver Pablo was very knowledgeable and gave us a tour of the city of Cozumel with historical facts a local fact since he lives in the neighbourhood. He pulled over, so we could grab a Starbucks and he took us to different locations to shop and we were able to put our bags in the vehicle and know they were safe and locked while we did more shopping. He made us feel special and took care of all the arrangements at the private beach.

Best of the day: Tell us about your day what you loved and what you would change.

We loved the snorkel experience and our beach day was fabulous. Our cups were never empty. beach was clean and beautiful, and the service was great. We saw many families and know it would be a perfect place to take kids of all ages. VIP Tours were incredible, and we would trust Pablo to handle any of our friends or family. HE WAS INCREDIBLE.

Kids Fun:

We did not have our kids with us, but I can tell by all the kids we saw that this would be incredible for them too. The buffet had lots of food options for all kids ( even adults). The pool was shallow enough for kids to feel safe and we know the staff would handle your kids and ensure they have a BLAST!

Over all thoughts

We were treated very well and would definitely choose VIP tours again in our next trip. It was organized, and we didn’t have to think about anything, we were able to just enjoy our day in Cozumel. Thank you so much to Pablo and the host at VIP tours!!

Would you recommend:

100% we would, we felt safe and handled liked royalty. The service was amazing! We went back to the ship and every one was jealous of our experience and wish they had saved money and joined us on a private Tour. This is 100% the way to go. Clean cars + 1-1 service + Water + security and more is way better then anything you would get offered on ship.

Give them a call if your going and book their service!

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