Cayo Santa Cuba Done in Style

Follower Review of their trip to Cuba

Follower: Fallon

Hotel Name: Valentin Perla Blanca

Country: Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

Dates Traveled: Tuesday, February 27ty to Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

Room Number: 2017

Liz and I decided that as mom’s we wanted a vacation from work and from being the everyday working women/parent. We decided that in order to fully enjoy ourselves and not “feel” bad or miss the kids too much, we decided to choose an all-inclusive adult only resort but somewhere at a reasonable cost. We loved that there was the party side of the resort alongside the other side had a spa type relaxation pool area. It was nice that there were choices for a la carte and for the buffet. Overall it was a nice size resort within walking distance to the pool, the rooms, and the beach. Great size lobby area with lobby bar and coffee bar.

Resort Review:

- Clean

- Considering there was Hurricane Irma, the grounds were well kept along with beautiful tropical flowers and plants

- No mosquitoes at night

- We were on the 2nd floor with balcony facing the pool and you could see the beach along with the pool and it was stunning/beautiful

- The nightly entertainment was fabulous and always did a great job throughout the day by the pool keeping everyone engaged and participating

- We did not experience seaweed other than the 1 day after a storm the following night, however, the staff quickly cleaned it up

- The seashells were beautiful

- The white sandy beaches and being able to walk in the water for miles and miles was breathtaking


- Always had clean bedding and clean rooms

- The bar fridge had your usual, 2 beers, pop and a large bottle of water

- There was a warm blanket should you be cold

- The air conditioning did work quite well however it was nice to leave the patio door open to hear the music and the sounds of the resort/pool area

- Simple glass shower with toilet area and sink. We didn’t have a bathtub in our room.


- We always ate at the buffet in the evenings. Great choices of food and selection and always hot and fresh. Found a lot of healthy items and the ice cream was amazing

- We never tried the a la carte but we heard great things coming from other guests at the resort

- We always ate lunch and breakfast at the snack bar by the pool and was always hot fresh and delicious. They would customize or make anything you asked from BLT to Egg Sandwich.


- Adults only resort no kids allowed

- Although we did see 2 families which looked like they were traveling with their kids between ages of 14-18 they had a different color bracelet to avoid being served alcohol

First World Problems:

- They forgot our towels the one day to restock in our room but luckily we had unused beach towels and used those

- They would only give us 1 large water bottle per day even though there was two of us staying in the room

- The Wi-Fi doesn’t work always even if you pay for it they don’t reimburse you

- The Bank was unavailable for a few days so we couldn’t exchange our money, but when we did exchange it the cost was quite high and lost quite a few dollars on the exchange


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