A Day of Bliss!

Wyndham Lambert Beach Resort A Day of Bliss! Book with them: https://bit.ly/2PfSDFi

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Spending a week on a Cruise was a lot of fun, but we were missing the idea of passing the day relaxing by a pool and being in the ocean. As we did our research for things to do in Tortola, BVI we came across this hotel. Our day was a day of complete BLISS and Royalty. These are the best words I have to describe how we were processed and how beautiful everything was. Are you looking for a fun day off the cruise? If so, check this resort out (food was amazing, staff was awesome). Or you are looking for a getaway with the family or the spouse? THIS resort is full of beauty, romance and family play. We would recommend this resort (in fact, I am looking to see how we can come back)

Check in

Went off the boat paid $40.00 for our taxi, 30 min seeing the beautiful land surrounding us, then to enter onto the property we were greeted by stunning beauty and incredible staff. We were at the resort from 9:30am – 3:30pm and this provided us enough time to relax, be away from the stir and bustle of the cruise, swim in the ocean and splash in the largest pool on Tortola (and it was stunning)

Hotel Room

When at a resort we take any time, we can to review the rooms and view what they look like and we did not skip this opportunity here. We looked at the king bed, ocean view and WOW.. Absolutely stunning and unbelievably romantic.

Pool and Ocean

One of the best times we ever had in the Ocean, the waves were huge, the sunshine was perfect and the kids had so much fun. The beach was unbelievably clean and more than enough space for our family to relax and catch some rays.

The pool was warm, huge and so much fun to splash about in. What we loved the most about the pool was its depth, as it had different depths all around so the kids can jump in and the adults can stand and drink. What we enjoyed the most about the pool was its depth, as it had different depths all around so the kids can jump in and the adults can stand and drink.

More than enough loungers and cabanas for everyone. We were astonished at how relaxing the entire resort was. It would genuinely be a week of relaxation and bliss if we did it for 7 days (and we will soon)


We had read some pretty negative reviews on the net and some positive ones. We had the opportunity to enjoy lunch at the resort.

1. The sights are breathtaking and an incredible ambiance for lunch or dinner.

2. We each ordered something different (and all sampled each others) not one person in our party was disappointed by the incredible flavor provided and unique food options on the menu. Our drinks were NOT watered down and came quick and the staff was always greeting us with a grin. Yes, it is expensive, but this menu is a perfect mate to the resort and would expect nothing less.

3. The staff work so hard, they constantly had a smile on their face and were at our right hand the entire time wanting and willing to service us (with no attitude)

4. The Menu (new one) causes so many different options for all members of your family and we would not hesitate spending a week here and eating this tasty food for the week, and neither would my kids who said they loved their choice in meals.


I have nothing negative to say, the team was unbelievable, the management has done a great job. We would extremely recommend this location for a holiday or a stop in and enjoy for the day from a cruise ship stop.

BY far our choice for a family to do!

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