3 Tips for a Successful Ad Campaign for Your Local Market

‘It’s a dangerous time to go dark’ as we prepare for the Holiday season and launch into 2021. This is not the time to pull the plug on what you had planned but its a time to push forward.

Traditional advertising methods are still being implemented today and driving great results. Radio, Digital and TV can offer tons of potential for businesses looking to reach a local market

Here are some great tips to remember when planning your Radio, Digital or TV spots.

1. Know Your Audience

Most important is knowing your audience and your targets. Work to prepare a script that puts you kind of audience that you are trying to reach first. Knowing your audience is the most important because this will determine the kind of topics, themes and language you use in your script.

2. Highlight the Local Benefits

Covid has proved it is important for us to remain local and when you work on your ad, focus on what your local community needs are, and what its looking for from companies. Highlight those benefits that you know your local audience wants.

3. Focus on Key Message

Have you ever heard an ad that tells you all they do, you know the ad that shares its fast speaking side effets. A common adverting mistake is to share everything that you offers. Providing this "over info" can confuse your customers.

Simply pick one 'message' and drive it home with repetition (commercial spots). Your campaign will effective when they receive one key message.

At Rogers we have a extremely talented creative team who are more than willing to help you with all your creative questions and build lasting and memorable ads.

Message me to get your spots booked and to not have your business go 'Dark' during these trying times.

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