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We want to work with you!
It excites us that you have taken the time to visit TravellingFlipFlops and look forward to seeing how we can work together and share what you are doing to bring HOPE to the world! 
​This new idea is to have missionaries as your self share to our followers how you are making a real impact in this world. With so many issues we face today and the negativity on Social media and on the news, we find it important to bring HOPE and this is where you play an important role! 
Based on our existing audience, we are looking to highlight the practical difference your organisation is making to your community by taking advantage of Instagram live chats. Our followers are worldwide with 60% from North America and the rest from around the world, proving you an opportunity to connect with many who do not go to church or have not heard the Gospel.  
Our platform traditionally has focused on family travel and helping families make travel part of the nucleus of their family unit. As we are a blended family, we have found that travel has been a way to strengthen our relationships with our children and encourage families around the world do to the same. 
Over the few months we have felt a tug in our hearts that we should use our platform to highlight how God is working around the world and how missionaries are making a difference, but having these conversations in a non-invasive way.
If this is something you're interested in, let us know and send us an email to and we can set up a time for a chat so I can share my heart with you and learn more about you.

Example of our Motivation conversations

As we try to bring your message to our followers, we want to ensure the conversation we have is a conversation about what you are doing and how you are helping make a difference, let the followers discover you. This conversation is not about Money or salvation but about your community.  
Here are past examples of “motivational messages” we shared on our social platforms.
Our work with Tremblant Resort In QC 
Our work with Tremblant Resort In QC 

How can we help you? 

Partnership with TravellingFlipFlops is important as we continue to impact families to find the inspiration to travel. By partnering with us, we can be an ambassador for your brand by exposing your establishment to our quickly growing audience.
As we searched for our destination for travel, we are also looking at doing missions to impact the world and work with teams like yours too. 
Here are some keyways we can support and help
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Who are we? 

Hello friends, we Are (Left to right) Ashley, Madison, Kelsey and Mike and we make up TravellingFlipFlops.


We are from the beautiful country of Canada and a blended

family that loves to travel and exploring the world while building

memories along the way, we believe family travel is a perfect

way to bring a family closer.

Ashley is the glue that holds us together as the mother

raised here in Ottawa, She has a passion for fitness and
Working with children. Find her Fitness account here 

Madison is usually off screen but is the creative and artistic

mind behind the lens. She has a passion for art and has a
creative mind. When done school, you'll find her working with children. To find her personal handle showcasing her creative art can be found by clicking here Art for life 

Kelsey is the smile usually in front of the camera. You will see her and hear her voice in most videos and pod cast along with Mikes. She has a incredible passion to travel and plans to take 1 year off after school to travel the world, try new food, take incredible pictures and build memories. Head over to Pricelife613 and check out her fun travel account. 

Mike, passion and drive for media, whether it's helping a friend with social accounts or clients, he's always learning new tricks and ideas to make the user's online experience better. Having worked in Media and marketing for over 10 years, he comes packed with ideas to help the clients pop. Mike is a former youth pastor, and has a passion for the word of God to be shared. 

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